Thursday, 18 February 2010

Podcast 12- The final verdict.

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This is the last part of the podcast series which charts the so called "judicial" process.

Remember the decision that is reached impacts a persons family and social circle and perhaps their livelihood and ultimately as Jehovah's Witnesses believe their life itself, in the event they term "Armageddon".

This decision is meant to be just and fair and arrived at by means of the Holy Spirit directing these men's actions. The Bible should also be the ultimate source to determine a person's wrongdoing in situations such as these.

Please listen and make your own judgement.

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Podcast 11- Judicial Committee Appeal

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This Podcast is the first of three which chronicle the so called "Judicial appeal". You will hear the charges against me re-outlined by the committee of 3 high profile elders from the Lanarkshire Number 1 Circuit, including Philip Jones, Ian Shanks and chairman Martin Benzie. All 3 'brothers' have served, or are currently serving, as Circuit Overseers.

You may be interested to hear how Brother Jones describes what the Gospel is. Compare his description of it with the Gospel preached by Jesus and the 1st Century congregation. Then read Galations 1:6-8.

Judge for yourself whether these Christians are more interested in God, Christ and the Bible or the Organisation.