Monday 1 June 2009

Podcast 8- Showdown at the Kingdom Hall

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This podcast was recorded on Christmas Day 2008.

After our last visit from two local elders my wife felt she could no longer be known as a Jehovah's Witness and had chosen to disassociate herself in November 2008.

We had been on a family holiday and had returned to find that one of the local elders who had visited us had warned off my mother-in-law from having anything to do with my wife - her daughter. He also made false statements about one of my children.

I decided to confront this elder at the Kingdom Hall. This podcast is the recording of our conversation.

Notice how he denies making such statements to my mother-in-law and falsely accuses me of teaching her beliefs contrary to Jehovah's Witnesses.

I ask whether it's a sin to no longer be a Jehovah's Witness?

He also clearly states his position regarding the worship of Jesus.

I firmly believe that as a result of this conversation this elder initiated judicial proceedings against me the following month.

Podcasts from this judicial hearing will follow shortly.


  1. You have problems and it is not the elders.

    You have attitude problems.

    Get off your high horse and realize that the world does not revolve around you.

    No one cares about who said what to whom.

  2. Yes you are right I do have problems....most of my family now have nothing to do with me because of the ruling and interpretation of scripture of the Watchtower society, just as the elder said in the audio.

    And you are also correct I do have an attitude problem. I don't like it when people take my family from me when I've done nothing wrong....

    I do realize however that the world does not revolve around me....but neither does it revolve around the watchtower society , as they seem to think.

    I think you will find that many thousands of people around the world care what was said and to whom. Also as a matter of fact I presume you haven't posted here ignorantly without listening to the audio? So the fact you are here posting means you care even if it's in a little nasty and demeaning way. No?

    You have an attitude and I'm not sure why. Perhaps you are still a JW and you don't like persons criticizing you beloved organisation?

    Either way I present the recordings for people to make up their own minds and form their own opinions, which you are equally welcome to do as am I.

    All the best,

  3. its funny how the nazi JW's come out of the wood work and attack a person who is the victim. what kind of a mentally sick person can listen to these podcats, and come away with Matt being the problem? indoctronation at its finest. amazing. keep up the good work matt.

  4. well done matt.....keep up the good work .....there are people in the cult who will be helped by this......

  5. I am profoundly impressed by the way you handled yourself, Matt. You didn't let this elder throw you. You kept on-point in a way that was both respectful yet persistent. There is no evidence that you felt any amount of intimidation here, so good on you.

  6. matt we may have to send you back in m8, once your little recording skirmishes come to an end...

  7. Thanks Jonathan, I was nervous but perhaps the fact that I had sat through 5 hours of "shepherding" took away a little of the intimidation factor. I soon realised that 30 years of experience as an elder counted for nothing when he was trying to defend an impossible position built on falsehood.

  8. is there any for july?

  9. Matt - when are you posting the JC podcasts?

  10. Sorry < I've been on holiday and away at
    T in the park so I will be getting some up this week. Thanks for your patience. Matt

  11. Hi Matt,
    When is the next podcast coming out?
    I can't wait.

  12. Matt

    I remember you as a child and know the staunch witness family you come from. You have shown so much strength. Well done ! I have left it now too .It was and continues to be hard but so glad to be out of it. I'm sorry for all the pain this org has caused you.

  13. Thanks for your comments, and well done for finding your way out of the organisation.It is a horibble realisation that it's not the "truth". It's not an easy thing to leave whatever the circumstances.You say you knew me as a child?
    Do feel free to contact me in confidence if you wish. I'd love to hear from you.

  14. The 'Voice of Reason' person should understand that the JW cult is one of the most self centred in the world. Its members believe, (or at any rate bludgeon their followers to believe) that it is God's sole earthly channel of communication with the human race. It cannot humbly accpet that it is one tiny religious sect among many. It presents no answers to the big questions about the origin of the universe or the meaning of life. It presumes though, that anyone outside its membership has been misled in their beliefs by Satan. If the 'voice of reason' knew anything about JWdom or indeed, how to reason, he would understand what a ghastly and miserable little outfit is the WBTS.

  15. I feel sick listening to this. You have incredible restraint, listening to this sleaze ball rationalize telling a mother not to associate with her own daughter. I'd have had trouble not throttling the guy. You did exceptionally well. You are so composed and yet very firm. Shame, shame, shame on this so-called 'Elder' and on this awful cult that robbed him of his reason and compassion.

  16. How dare these so called "Elders" try to pretend that revealing personal opinions under questioning to Elders during a shepherding call is "spreading" false teachings. That's so fraudulent. Also these guys are so very amateurish and evidently unqualified to hold such hearings. It's deeply embarrassing. You dealt with them admirably Matt, and should be truly proud of the way you defended yourself.