Sunday 28 November 2010

Full transcripts

There are now full transcripts availabe of Podcasts 8-12 which are the judicial hearings and a conversation with an elder at the Kingdom hall.
These have been kindly provided by an anonymous donor.
This helps people who may have trouble with their hearing or cannot understand some of the Scottish accents.
They are available on the link below and have audio links to listen as you read.

1 comment:

  1. I Would like to say how much I enjoyed your exposure of the WTS, you have done an excellent job.
    It is evident that you have done a lot of home work. Your logical and simple answers surely make the governing body of Jehovah's witmesses makes them appear as Jack asses. They are totally in denial. They can't see the forest for the trees. This is so sad. Your fantastic rendering of the name Lord in the new testament was priceless. I know that the JW;S are being blindly let and most of them take it and never give it a second thought, thats because they have become so brainwashed they except everything they must beleive in. And like happy little robots they follow the leaders.' What a bunch of self centered hypoctirts.I could never understand that concept of the organization. but with more and more being said about JW'S in the magizines seems so senseless as people we need to let other people know what is truth and what is not. OBVIOUSLY THE GB. needs to re examine there calculations in all honesty and be truthful with the witnesses but they will never do that they will never disclose the errors sthey have made. You know and I Know it .
    The governing body has much to answer for yet they seem to think they are invincible is so wrong.Because when you get puffed up with pride then look out some one is tne spirit realm is a listening to you.
    Thanks for sharing.