Monday 31 January 2011

The Watchtower and the United Nations

One of the visually better-put-together websites supporting the WTS’s stand on its 10-year relationship with the United Nations is The Watchtower Society as a United Nations NGO – A Look at the Conspiracy Theory (
Once you’re past the visuals, however, and you begin to read it, the site’s agenda becomes clear. Apart from the unnamed author’(s’) predilection towards finger-pointing pejorative words and phrases, such as ‘apostate,’ there seems to be some quite dodgy reasoning. Rather than read through predictable spin on the subject, I fast-forwarded to the “Miscellaneous Questions” page and to one particularly interesting point.
The author asks: Doesn’t the Watchtower teach that the UN is the unclean thing and should not be touched?
No, he answers.
Technically this is true if you factor in that 2 Corinthians 6:16-18 refers to religious things. However, despite the author’s apparent attempt to demonstrate that the WTS has, albeit a tenuous respect, for the existence and the work of the UN, he appears to be oblivious quotes such as this:
‘What “disgusting thing” has been “put in place” in modern times? Apparently, it is a “disgusting” counterfeit of God’s Kingdom. This was the League of Nations, the scarlet-colored wild beast that went into the abyss, or ceased to exist as a world-peace organization when World War 11 erupted. (Revelation 17:8) The “wild beast,” however, was to “ascend out of the abyss.” This it did when the United Nations, the 50 member nations including the former Soviet Union, was established on October 24, 1945. Thus “the disgusting thing” foretold by an angel – the United Nations – was put in place.’ – Page 269, paragraph 24, Pay Attention to Daniel’s Prophecy!, published by the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society, 1999.
Most Witnesses will know that the Scriptural reference referring to not ‘touching the unclean thing’ applies to Babylon the Great which they are taught to view as the ‘World Empire of False Religion.’
Is the author then suggesting that ‘infiltrating’ by use of the UN’s libraries was ethically acceptable?
Notice, too, that its publication date is 7 years before the saga began and only 3 years before it ended.
Related to this is a further question on the site: Although there was nothing technically wrong with being an NGO with the DPI in 1992, should the Watchtower have not avoided anything to do with the United Nations to avoid stumbling the brothers?
To this question the author likewise answers No.
The fact is the action did cause a major stumbling when the news was exposed (within 24 hours of the newspaper article is bound to raise eyebrows!) While most Witnesses would have to meet their end with a millstone around their necks for ‘stumbling their brothers,’ it seems that others are exempt.
Ethically, what happened would be like us asking Adolf Hitler if you could use the Reichstag library during World War Two to write anti-Nazi propaganda leaflets.


  1. The United Nations allow NGO Organizations to be offically associated with the United Nations Department of Public Information. On the basis that the NGO Organization will print UN information in their publications at their cost to a wider audience informing others about UN information. If the NGO Organization is not printing UN information they are deleted as inactive.

    The Master of the Christian Congregation said his Kingdom is no part of this world. It is
    difficult to understand how the Watchtower NGO Organization could agree to formally associate itself with the UN/DPI and print information for the UN. At the Watchtowers own cost. Printing on one hand information for GOD's Kingdom and on the other hand printing information for the UN.
    Both coming off the same dedicated printing presses.
    The Watchtower has taught those who give support to the UN receive the mark of the beast.

    It appears they have lost their way much like King Saul when he associated himself with the Witch of Endor.

  2. To be partnered with someone, or one Organization that is partnered with another Organization. Is a close association together.

    The United Nations view all approved Non-Governmental Organizations with the United Nations Department of Public Information as partners.

    How the Watchtower Governing Body could agree to be an NGO with the UN/DPI considering what they have printed about the UN in Bible prophecy is unbelievable. The UN Directories list the Watchtower as an NGO associated with the UN/DPI
    over a number of years.