Monday 30 March 2009

Death or Obedience - The Podcast Part 2

This is part 2 of the Death or Obedience Podcast. For the story behind this podcast, be sure to visit the website -

Part 1

In this edition we continue with our visit from 2 of the local elders. We discuss at length the Watch Tower Society's self-assigned role as God's prophet. Notice, however, how one of the elders states that the Society has never claimed to be a prophet, but were merely running ahead of Jehovah.

Notice also the terms "negative Bible study" and the complete dismissal of the Watch Tower Society's relationship with the United Nations.

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  1. Great point! It's astonishing that the elder actually said that Jehovah's Witnesses have never claimed to be a prophet.

    Your point about the Jeremiah class was brilliant! They claim that the spirit anointed Christians (at the top of the list, the Governing Body) make up this Jeremiah class which are, as the 10/1/1982 Watchtower states, a modern "prophet to the nations".

    These anointed christians are the folks that have pushed these timelines upon us for years and years and did so in God's name. To question them is to question God.

    How can they fail to see this as anything but false prophecy?

    "Running ahead of Jehovah". Call it what they will, it is wrong and MANY faithful brothers and sisters have suffered for these wrongs.