Friday 8 May 2009

New light on the Watchtower Society being "appointed"

This post is based on the June 15th 2009 study edition of the Watchtower, page 20.
"The Faithful Steward and it's Governing Body"

This study will set the tone for future-proofing the Watchtower Society Doctrine that their Governing Body is is the voice of "the faithful slave" mentioned in parable by Jesus in Matthew chapter 24.

I thought as I read the study article starting on page 20 that the most important thing about this piece is what is missing, what is not said.

The first paragraph sets the tone of what they are trying to convey.

"While giving the composite sign of the last days Jesus said, "who really is the faithful and discreet slave?""

I believe what they are doing with the opening paragraph is placing the authority and position of "the slave" within the context of the signs of the times thus attempting to validate it in a modern setting without mentioning specifically WHEN they, (the wts's Governing Body) were appointed as the voice or "channel" of this class.

They then say that Jesus would "reward" and appoint this slave over all his belongings. Again crucially no time frame is given for this event. In paragraph 6 it's stated that Jesus had already "appointed" the slave class back in 33 C.E.

So who is left to be "appointed" in 1919? It would seem they are trying to convey the thought that this has been an ongoing role and the Governing Body are merely the spokesmen and the latest incarnation of something that has always existed in the same way as they have consistently said that the slave class has always been around. This would help to explain why there is no mention of the year 1919 in the article. It makes it a much more seamless doctrine , with no ugly date-setting from the last century. It also removes the argument that Jesus would never have appointed them in 1919, "look at all the wrong things they taught and were involved in".

The change allows a floating doctrine that is not constrained by the parameters of time and past false teachings.

As the article progresses the usual warnings and spiritual "food" is of course served.

Look at paragraphs 6. under the heading " The slave appears".

" It came into existence in 33c.e." They use a legitimate Bible event and claim that was Jesus "starting off" the "slave Class" in Pentecost.

The stuff that's then discussed about who did the teaching is beside the point, the real question is do they have the modern right to be THE TEACHERS?

So how do they move through the gears and apply this on-going "class" to themselves in modern times?

Usually we would find a dogmatic statement like " Jesus appointed this faithful slave in 1919 after he arrived in kingdom power in 1914"

It is nowhere to be seen!!!

I firmly believe that since it is a provable fact that 1914 is being mentioned less and less in the WTS publications then it would follow that the year 1919 also will be devalued and mentioned less too, as the two dates are inextricably linked.

This article would be the perfect place to reinforce the 1919 dogma to the rank and file JW's in a private study article.

Of course there are no scriptures that support the assertion that Jesus arrived in 1919 and appointed the WTS Governing Body or President to such a position, but since when did the Bible get in the way of a good WTS doctrine?

The title of the article is "The Faithful Steward and it's Governing Body". This is quite a statement considering Jesus did mention a faithful steward but did NOT mention a "Governing Body". In fact many Witnesses may be surprised to know that this phrase does not even appear anywhere in the Christian Greek scriptures. So mixing these two phrases together shows a level of manipulation regarding what Jesus actually said and that The WTS also have an agenda to fulfill.

The Governing Body is well aware of the weakness of their chronology which begins with the year 607 B.C.E. and ends with 1914 C.E. The 2520 year formula is not even a Jehovah's Witness doctrine, it was introduced to C.T. Russell by his friend and associate Nelson Barbour ,a fact documented in the "Proclaimers" book. Nelson Barbour never became a "witness". Russel was so impressed he started teaching it and Jehovah's Witnesses have taught it as Biblical fact ever since. Incredible , but true.

The book "gentile times reconsidered" delivers a fatal blow to the significance the wts attach to 607 B.C.E., thus destroying the notion that 1914 was the year the kingdom was born. They know this. They have the manuscripts, sent in by the author Carl Olof Johnsson in the early 1980's.

This man was an Elder in the Organisation and spent decades researching their claim that 607 B.C.E. was the year Jerusalem was destroyed by Nebuchadnezzar II. He sent in his research to the Governing Body in Brooklyn , which showed all the evidence pointed to 587 B.C.E. ,and was eventually disfellowshipped for holding a different view on the matter.

I firmly believe they are moving away from these dates and the claims associated with them. Instead they are using something altogether more tangible.

Please look to paragraph 11 where they make the link between the opening statement in par. 1 and the claim that the "slave" "appeared" in 33 C.E.

This paragraph states that "Jesus words clearly indicate that there would still be a faithful and discreet slave class living on earth at the time of the end"

What words of Jesus? Matthew 24:45 " Who really is the faithful and discreet slave whom his master appointed over his domestics to give them their food at the proper time?"

Where in this verse which they quote from is Jesus referring to a "class"?

Where does Jesus say "clearly" they would be "living on earth at the time of the end"?

These are suppositions that the WTS have to insert to validate the claims which are made in this paragraph.(11)

"As a group this remnant has been appointed over all of Christs belongings here on earth."

What would these "belongings" be?

This is the most important point which is in my opinion hidden in the rest of the flannel this article contains.

The "belongings" are the "kingdom's earthly subjects". Yes the 7 million Jehovah's Witnesses are proof that this slave has been appointed!!!

The belongings are also "the material facilities used in preaching the good news" Yes, all the Kingdom Halls, Assembly Halls, Branches, Printing operations and the worldwide Headquarters in Brooklyn N.Y. are PROOF THAT THEY WERE APPOINTED!!!

What more proof does an honest-hearted person need than that?

We exist so therefore we are what we say we are. Classic circular WTS reasoning. Who can argue that there are NOT 7 million JW's around the world and that all the of the "material facilities" exist?

This is a far easier position to substantiate and maintain than the 1919 "appointment" dogma considering 1919 has no scriptural , historical , archaeological ,not to mention rational thought behind it. It is becoming almost laughable to mention the date of 1919 in relation to their claim of God-given authority considering we are a decade into the 21st century, and slowly creeping up on the year 2014.

I now think that this is the new "Proof" of their authority. The rank and file Witnesses themselves aren't going to be hard to convince as most of them cite these reasons as to why they believe it's "the truth", so why not base your authority on it as well? It makes sense.

I asked my brother about the scriptural validity of the 1919 appointment and he said "well yes, it was around about then, but we don't want to be dogmatic about it".

It is a bit late to say that , or is it?


  1. Thank you. You are so smart. I subscribe to your blog. I so wish I could share this information with my witness friends and parents...


  2. Hey, Matt, thanks so much for the blog comments and for the podcast as well. My family was split in two by JWs over 20 years ago, but we keep praying to be united in Jesus' truth. Your comments help me to know what to say whenever we are together. Keep up the good work, I really appreciate it, and I will keep you in my prayers.

  3. The ultimate source of the 1914 as end of Gentile Times doctrine is Elliot's Horae which Barbour and Russell both read. Russell says he read Seiss's Last Times. The 1914 date appears there too, though calculated on a different basis.

    Barbour and Russell followed Elliot in calculating it from 606-1914. Downing, some thirty years before, also calculated Gentile Times should end in 1914. Only one 19th Century expositor pointed to 607-1914, something that didin't enter Witness theology until Rutherford's day.

    See the discussion of the doctrine's development in the new book: Nelson Barbour: The Millennium's Forgotten Prophet of which I am co-author. Almost nothing of Barbour's doctrine was original to him, which he frequently admits.

  4. Saying one is appointed because of having 7,000,000 members or having many congregations etc. Is this proof of their appointment?

    The Catholic religion could come in and say hold on a minute we have more members and congregations than you so on that basis we have the larger following, we are the appointed ones!!!

    The term Governing Body is not mentioned in Scripture. However it is mentioned in legal terms when establishing a non-profit religious
    organization that conforms to governmental regulations for that organization. In other words the governmental regulations mention that each non-profit organization has to have a governing body that is responsible to answer to the superior authorities the political government.

    Each and every religious non-profit organization is required by law to have a governing body.

    The scriptures talk about The Faithful and Discreet Slave not the governing body. There is a difference.

  5. Who is appointed by the Master to prepare the food? The scriptures say The Faithful and Discreet Slave. No mention of the governing body!

    It would be wise for the governing body to allow The Faithful and Discreet Slave appointed by the Master to prepare the food.

    Who are taught by the Watchtower Society to be The Faithful and Discreet Slave. They say all the remaining anointed ones here on earth.

    That being so, are they allowed by the Watchtower governing body to prepare food? In other words do all anointed contribute to the preparation of the food as the Master instructed they would? If not, why not. They are appointed by the Master according to scripture. Not the governing body.

    The Faithful and Discreet Slave has a role to play so let them. And the legal Watchtower Society governing body has their role to play.

    One is spiritual the other is legal. The Master has not included the governing body in his instructions so who has the right to over ride his instructions. As Jesus said what I have given you the Father has given me to say.

    There is no room to bend the rules, but rules have been bent.

  6. As we have been instructed by the Watchtower Society. The Faithful and Discreet Slave is made up of All anointed ones remaining here on earth.

    And that scriptures informs us it is the Faithful and Discreet slave who prepare the food. We could ask what arrangements are in place so that All the Faithful and Discreet slave are able to contribute to the preparation of spiritual food?

    Are there meetings at assembly's for the
    anointed so they can express their concerns for the flock and give scriptural encouragement. Are all the anointed who can not attend an assembly given a questionnaire so they can identify concerns they have and give scriptural

    The Master has instructed if the least of his brothers are not given attention that is like not giving attention to Jesus. The Watchtower Society Governing Body could be asked what arrangements do they have in place so that ALL the anointed can contribute to the preparation of spiritual food as they are the ones the Master has appointed. If there are no arrangements in place then it could be said they are ignoring Christ's brothers contribution.

    1. As of the "new light" all those anointed ones have no say in the spiritual food at all. Only the Governing Body, period. Convenient isn't it?

    2. Recently it has been announced the Governing Body only is the Faithful and Discreet Slave. All other anointed ones have been deleted. This being so it raises a question for the Governing Body. Who appointed all those who partake of the emblems, all those on earth who partake of the emblems at memorial time to be the Faithful and Discreet Slave? The Watchtower has taught for decades these ones are the Faithful and Discreet Slave. Why have they been deleted?

  7. I totally agree with the comments, the bible does NOT speak of a "governing body" only a faithful and discreet slave to give the food at the right time. They are ONLY appointed over Jesus possessions AFTER his return when he appoints them over the kingdom realm as spirit sons, his bride.
    Logic dictates he would never appoint imperfect beings over imperfect beings on the earth and allow his inhertiance which he fought hard to sustain by giving his life to be brought to ruin.
    The facts are: ~
    the faithful slave are the ones being fed through the holy spirit in their heart, (1st John 2v27, Heb 8v2-11, 10v16 and Jer 31v31) they need no man to teach them, so why is it the governing body members disfellowship these ones who try to help the domestics with the truth from God when their teachings differ from the governing body and why arn't the FDS asked to offer food?
    Quite simply, the governing body are a controling group of imperfect men who likes to completely control people into doing what they choose.
    When speaking of the FDS everyone misses the point about the middle word "discreet" they cannot be discreet if they are singled out as anointed, partakers of the living bread.
    Please read my web, "The bible vs the watchtower society" from an X witness of 38 years.

  8. The term governing body needs to be removed from spiritual matters. As this term is secular in line with Governmental requirements to structure a non-profit organization.

    The Masters instruction are, all of you are brothers, no one above another. He gave the instructions as.... the Faithful and Discreet
    Slave, when talking about spiritual matters.

    Secular and spiritual need to be separated. And all members of the Faithful and Discreet Slave have an appointment to prepare food by the Master. Are they being allowed an input, if not , why not?

    Is the secular governing body preventing this?
    The Master has appointed the spiritual Faithful and Discreet Slave,they are all working together.
    It would seem appropriate the governing body would take their instructions from the Faithful and Discreet Slave. Not the other way around!

    The spiritual authority has prevalence over the secular. In a religious organization.

  9. As an EX witness of 38 years of being brainwashed, I am finally free and have produced my own web journals to help JWs to break free.

    As regards to the FDS, please read my journal
    "The faithful and discreet servant"
    facts you may not know about them.

    They certainly do not represent the governing body whose end is close at hand now.

    Thankyou for reading this comment,

  10. Over the years. Russell followed the congregational scriptural appointment of Elders.

    Then the Organization ditched this to Congregartion Servant,Assistant Congregation Servant and Bible Study Servant. All unscriptural
    positions. Decades went by.

    In 1972 Elders came back.

    The organization has made much about Presidents of the organization. Governing Body Members. All secular appointments in line with non profit governmental requirements. Not Scriptural.

    Jesus said .. all of you are brothers. No one better than another.

  11. This is a very statement, consider that Jesus was a faithful steward, but there is no reference to "Council." In fact, many witnesses may be surprised to know that this sentence does not appear in the Christian Greek Scriptures or anywhere.

    appointment setting