Thursday 30 July 2009

Podcast 10 - Disfellowshipped For?

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This podcast concludes my first judicial hearing.

Remember, I was expected to defend myself in front of a committee of 3 elders with no representation; it was me against them. The two witness called to testify against me were both elders, one of whom is my brother. Both of these witnesses used conversations I had had with them, trusting that they were going to help me. Instead, they convened a meeting of the elders, brought their testimonies together and formed a judicial committee. This was a breach of clergy privilege.*

Please pay careful attention to what can only be described as a personal bias on the part of one of the elders in the committee who was supposed to have been going on holiday with two of our friends.

Compare his questioning, coupled with the testimony of the two elders, with the statement made right at the end by the Chairman that the committee was not prejudiced or biased.

Also, notice how attending other churches is grounds for disfellowshipping. This is a direct contravention of Article 18 of the United Nations Declaration for Human Rights. Click here for more information;

Remember, anyone who does not accept all of the Governing Body's interpretation of scripture is liable to face a committee such as I did.

Ask yourself whether the Watch Tower Society allows it's members to enjoy the same level of freedom of thought and religion as it itself expects to be afforded.

Is there any wonder why some view the Watch Tower Society as a dangerous cult?

*Jehovah's Witness elders consistently use the excuse of "clergy privilege" to avoid having to testify in court against suspected Jehovah's Witness pedophiles. Please check for further information."


  1. Thanks Matt. Looking forward to the appeal.

  2. My friend Isaac was removed as an unbaptized publisher for being seen eating at McDonald's with another friend of mine (recently disfellowshipped) whom he has been as a brother to since birth.

    As you were stating previously, actions such as these are not the "fruitages of the spirit", but are fruitages of police work. Far too many of the Elders I have come to known in 27 years experience with Jehovah's Witnesses behave more as societal executioners (if you will) instead of shepherds.

    The tactics that have been employed against friends, family, and myself have been underhanded, to say the least-- with a relentless pursuit of charges unchecked by the very same rules they profess to live by.

    I feel for you. You've definitely been far wiser in these proceedings than I ever was.